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Game Projects

During my time at The Game Assembly i was part of 7 game projects. The first year had 4 and the second year has 4, the first year projects are 8 weeks part time and the groups change after every project. 

The second year is a fixed group and the projects are up to 10 weeks part time. The days are divided that half the day is for students personal work and the other half is dedicated for the game projects.

Check out the projects i was part of down below, if you would like to know more about the contribution i made for every project press the title above the picture.

TGA YEAR 2 - Drifting Ember:

At the start of our second year at TGA we got assigned into fixed groups and we work together on 4 game projects.

Check out the other members here: Drifting Ember

TGA YEAR 1 - Various groups:

Every new project we get assigned new groups, it was a fun and you learn a lot from each other.